Yesterday, hundreds of people entered Manchester Arena to see an Ariana Grande concert. Yesterday a despicable person took it upon themselves to generate an explosion at the arena. Yesterday, Britain was subject to the biggest 'terrorist' attack since the 7/7 bombings in 2005.

I use the word 'terrorist' in the true sense of the word - someone who 'uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civillians', not someone of a specific religion. As yet, there is no evidence to support that the person who caused this is an extremist, but there is unequivocal evidence that this person is a monster. 

Children, teenagers, people, all affected by the actions of one individual. 

But this is not about that individual.

This is not about the person who decided that the lives of others were in their hands. This is not about the fear and terror caused by the action of that person. This is not about the 'who', 'how' or even the 'why'. This is about the people who were affected. The mother who will never see her eight year old daughter again. The parents who have not heard from their children. The people, and the performer at the concert who experienced fear at the hands of another. 

This is also about the community of Manchester, who embody the true sense of what it means to be a community. People of every religion and walk of life are coming together to help those in need; offering what they can give at a time when so much has been taken. This is about those working to ensure the concertgoers are safe, and that scared children are returned to their families.

This is also about resilience. This attack, while truly horrifying, shows the true kindness humans possess. Humans are a communal species, always choosing to be surrounded by others and I find it poignant that so many have come together to support those in need. 

My thoughts go out to those who have lost someone, who are unaware of the whereabouts of a loved one, or were in the arena at the time. 

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The relationship between my hair and I

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Christmas Eve and the RSC

I have always wanted to see a Shakespeare production live, there's something about seeing it performed that makes it so much more easier to understand, compared to mere words on a screen. So when I was told my family and I were going to see the RSC's Christmas Eve production of The Tempest I was thrilled. 

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Creative Writing - Character

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Creative Writing - Famous First Line

I've always been interested in creative writing and writing in general. As a child I had a notebook that I would write all my wacky story ideas in, most of them were very blatant rip-offs of famous books I was reading at the time but I loved to write. Fast forward a few years and I had the opportunity to pick a creative writing module at university so I jumped at the chance to improve on my writing and develop my style.