1940s Make-Up Tutorial

I found this channel on YouTube that has vintage make-up tutorials on it, which intrigued me since I love vintage things and I was so interested by actual make-up tutorials from the time period. The first one I watched was from the 1940s and showed young girls how to achieve the perfect make-up, so, using the products I had, I recreated the look it showed me.

Step One: Use a make-up compact or vanishing cream
Since I have literally no idea what vanishing cream is, I used a light layer of foundation that I blended with my Ecotools foundation brush to give it a smooth and natural finish.

Step Two: Dot on rouge
The tutorial said to put rouge (or blush) in a triangle on your cheek, one directly below the pupil, the second on the cheekbone and the third no lower than the tip of your nose. The one the woman used in the video seemed to be a creme rouge so I put my blush on with my finger to simulate the same pattern and look. You have to blend so the rouge is barely there, so I blended using my fingers, making sure that I kept the shape I'd created because "nothing dates you like rouge that shows" apparently... 

Step Three: Lipstick
This is your exclamation point according the woman in the video and I applied my red lipstick in the same way as the girl in the video, using downward strokes to fill in my lips. I have to say, I don't know why I didn't think of this before as it definitely fills in your lips easier. 

Step Four: Powder
I found some loose powder I had from my dance days and brushed it all over my face as I was told, leaving it for a few moments before brushing it off. I don't usually do this and it made my foundation seem less tacky so I might continue doing it in the future.

Step Five: Mascara and Brows
This one wasn't in the video but I felt incomplete without putting a little mascara on, and lightly filling in my brows. Since the woman stresses the 'barely there' look, I filled in my eyebrows only a small amount. In truth you probably can't tell I filled them in, but it makes me feel better and more 'ready'.

Step Six: Hair
The longer tutorial shows how you should style your hair to fit in with your face shape. I tried to do what the woman recommended for an oval shaped face, but I've never been too good at hair so I ended up with a high bun with my headscarf wrapped around it. It was really messy so I was glad it wasn't in shot! 

And this is the finished look. I have to say, I kinda like it, it didn't take much skill and it'd make a nice day look. I like how my eyes are very open, as usually I do a cat-eye, so it's nice to see me with just mascara on. 

Lottie :)

Foundation: L'oreal True Match Foundation (Shade: 2.R/2.C Rose Vanilla)
Powder: Seventeen Miracle Matte Loose Powder
Blush: NYX Underneath It All & Bourjois (Shade: Rose Mandarin)
Lipstick: Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick (Shade: Infared)
Mascara: L'oreal Miss Hippie (Colour: Black)
Brows: Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil (Shade: 4)

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Why I no longer follow J.K. Rowling

From the first moment I picked up a Harry Potter book I was hooked. I was immediately immersed in the magical world of Hogwarts and spells, reading about magical creatures and the adventures Harry went on during the books. I loved the books, and they remain my favourite book series, I re-read them every summer and look forward to the release of the illustrated editions every Christmas. Harry Potter has always played a huge part in my life, and is the reason I met my best friend. 

So why then have I unfollowed J.K?


Yesterday, hundreds of people entered Manchester Arena to see an Ariana Grande concert. Yesterday a despicable person took it upon themselves to generate an explosion at the arena. Yesterday, Britain was subject to the biggest 'terrorist' attack since the 7/7 bombings in 2005.

The relationship between my hair and I

I have always had a special relationship with my hair. For years I had it long, at its longest it reached my waist and then I changed my mind and had it cut to a bob. But it's only recently that I realised that my hair defines so much about myself.

Christmas Eve and the RSC

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Christmas Market!

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Cursed Child - REVIEW

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