Carpe Diem

Recently, I’ve been trying out a method where I do things I wouldn’t normally do or feel that I can’t do for whatever reason. Instead of saying no to opportunities that have come my way, I have started saying yes, and even taking risks in the process! In doing so I’ve found a burst of confidence I didn’t know I had, I have started to stop doubting myself and diving head first into new experiences and whatever life throws at me; whether that be dance shows, blogging opportunities or simply trying out a new hairstyle.
Through doing this, I have taken myself away from the boring predictability of my life, and I can stop moaning that nothing good ever comes my way; Because it does, I was just too caught up in questioning what could happen if everything went wrong. Because what could happen? I could find that that experience wasn’t for me, or I could really love it. Either way there’s no serious damage done, no wounds inflicted, no mental scarring, no death. I will simply strike that opportunity off as one I won’t repeat, but at least I won’t be wondering about the ‘what if’s’. What if I had taken that opportunity? What if I had really enjoyed it? What if I met new people who have the same interests as me? What if?


So, if you feel that you are stuck in a rut, or simply want to put yourself ‘out there’ a little bit more, try this method and you’ll be surprised at what you can achieve. :)

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