Blancanieves - Film Review (NO SPOILERS)

Director: Pablo Berger
Starring: Maribel Verdu, Daniel Gimenez Cacho, Angela Molina, Inma Cuesta, Josef Maria Pou, Emilio Gavria, Macarena Garcia, Sofia Oria, Ramon Barea, Pere Ponce
(Sorry, some of the actors don't have English Wiki pages :/)

Given that this film is a silent Spanish film, I was a little dubious about watching it (having experienced French cinema, I thought that Spanish films would follow suit) but given that my friends love this film I thought I would see is Spanish cinema is better or worse than French…

Answer: it’s better, its waaaay better! This film was the story of Snow White, but with a twist. It combined the traditional element of Spanish Bull Fighting, yet added a modern twist on the well-known story. The story is thoughtful and powerful, even though the dialogue written on the screen is minimal; the plotline is easy to follow and acted brilliantly. The use of music throughout captures both the atmosphere of the scene and the setting of the film and really draws the viewer into the story. And what I loved most was the unconventional love-story and the fact that Snow White wasn’t portrayed as someone who constantly needed saving; she had her own personality (something I think is often looked over in favour of the ‘love connection’ in many films). Also, I loved how there didn’t need to be a lot of on-screen dialogue as the actor’s facial features substituted dialogue effectively, making the story comprehensible.

I am going to score this film a 10/10 because its innovative, moving and the music is really good! :)

Fun Fact: Since this film is in Spanish, I thought I would show you how Snow White translates into different languages:

German: Schneewittchen
French: Blanche- Neige
Latin: Albanix

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