Books, books, books (20/31)

You know what? Ever since I broke up for the Easter holidays I've had a mini revelation of sorts... I've realised how much I actually love reading! 

Noah - Film Review (NO SPOILERS) (19/31)

Director: Darren Aronofsky

So we got this film a few weeks ago and I wasn't all that fussed about watching it (I'm not one for Biblical Epics), plus the film starred Russell Crowe (sos) so that already put it on a bad foot but I was willing to put all that aside in the name of reviewing it...

Blogger's Block (18/31)

Eurghhhhhh.... I have started this blog post 3 times and for some reason I can't find the words (strange I know) and that got me thinking, I think I have a case of 'Blogger's Block'!

10 Things You Dont Know About Me (17/31)

So I'm watching "10 Things I Hate About You" (side note: Kat is THE best character ever) and that got me thinking, you guys don't really know anything about me despite that I am 1) female, 2) a student and 3) ummm, so okay that's it. But here are "10 Things You Don't Know About Me"...

Freaky Friday (16/31)

Fridays are easily the best day of the week, and Friday evenings... are usually filled with me binge eating Pringles and watching Gogglebox... #sadtruth

How to be a student (15/31)

Being a student is a difficult time in your life, not only are you discovering who you are and what you like but you have a ton of work to do in order to pass your course. So, naturally, here is how to be a student:

And at last I see the light! (14/31)

This week has had to have been one the most hectic weeks of my life! But I've had a mini epiphany I would like to share with you all...

Booty shorts? In March? (13/31)

So today... it's sunny! I know right, what is this madness? England never has sun, it's the land of perpetual gloom and rain (that's true, you can Google it!)

Phobias (12/31)

I have some strange phobias, now I know everyone says this, but in my case it's true! Everyone thinks they're strange and I guess this reflects my personality...

Procrastination for the nation (11/31)

As you are all aware, I am a student and lately the pressure has been on but the problem is... I CAN'T STOP PROCRASTINATING!

Oh the joys of mobile blogging (10/31)

It's 5 to 11 and I've only just had time to write this blog post, but I've had a pretty hectic day livin life on the edge (you know... The usual!) But basically I am blogging in the back of a taxi... #totesclassy and I've had a revelation... 

I'm a Big Kid! (9/31)

I am a big kid, whether it's obsessing about Harry Potter, or ferociously singing along to a Disney song but you can guarantee I do not act my age!

Summer, where for art thou? (8/31)

It's March, it's that time of year when the weather cant make up its mind what exactly it is doing. Is it raining? It is sunny? Is it snowy? You'll never know... but what I do know is; I CAN'T WAIT FOR SUMMER!

Man, I feel like a woman! (7/31)

Normally I am not very good at multi-tasking, my theory was that I would rather do one job well than 3 jobs in a mediocre fashion... until now!

Simple Desires (6/31)

Tuesdays are probably the worst day for me in my college week as I have a three hour gap between my lessons... meaning I get bored fast!

Happy Monday! (5/31)

Hands down, the worst day of the week is Monday... more specifically, Monday mornings! Simply knowing that you have to prise yourself out of your nice, warm bed to go to work/school etc makes you want to cry! Don't worry, you're not the only one... we all feel like this! Mondays are the worst!

Lazy Sundays are the best kinda day (4/31)

Usually, I go walking on a Sunday with my family; it allows me to exercise and then to focus on my homework in the afternoon. But, after looking out of the window this morning and seeing a cloudy grey sky, I decided to miss a week and have a lazy day doing homework and finishing odd jobs around the house...

The Imitation Game - Film Review (NO SPOILERS) (3/31)

Director: Morten Tyldum

As always, I am late jumping on the 'bandwagon' when it comes to films, and this was no different but all I can say is "THANK YOU SKY MOVIES FOR AIDING MY MOVIE-WATCHING ABILITY!"

I'm never on time! (2/31)

I am THE WORST person for arriving on time for things! College, dance, my own wedding, you name it and I will be late for it! I could take all the precautions to be on time, but then something will happen that throws me off track and into the world of 'lateness'. I just can't be on time... it's literally impossible!

It's good to have goals (1/31)

So yesterday, after a pretty hectic day, I sat down to watch Julie & Julia and I had a mini epiphany! Amy Adams' character, Julie, like me has a blog and, also like me, she has trouble finishing things. That got me thinking; "well I haven't posted on my blog in over a month, maybe I should take a leaf of Julie's book and set myself a time frame."