Books, books, books (20/31)

You know what? Ever since I broke up for the Easter holidays I've had a mini revelation of sorts... I've realised how much I actually love reading! 

I know it sounds silly considering that the basis of my blog is to do film and book reviews and also considering that I do English at college, but I've been so focussed on college work that I've almost forgotten to read for pleasure! Coming from someone who has always enjoyed getting stuck into a good book (says the girl who has read the Harry Potter series 8 times) I've missed simply reading.

I'm not really a fan of Ebooks, I prefer to have a physical copy, but the only problem with that is that having 7 or 8 books lying around that you haven't read reminds you of how little time you have compared to how many books you want to read! I mean I want to be one of those people on 20 years who had an entire room devoted to books (you know that scene on Beauty and the Beast when Beast gives Belle the library? Well that's my dream!) and I want there to be Shakespeare and Harry Potter and the Brontë's and Dickens and loads of other books and I want to be able to say, "I've read them all!" Sounds super nerdy, but hey! That's my nerdy dream right there! I'm a simple creature who loves Pringles and books... In the words of Alexandr from the 'Compare the Market' adverts, "Simples!" 

Lottie :)

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