Booty shorts? In March? (13/31)

So today... it's sunny! I know right, what is this madness? England never has sun, it's the land of perpetual gloom and rain (that's true, you can Google it!)
But the sun comes with a price... premature summer clothes! So far today I have seen two people wearing booty shorts and a top that could only be considered a top at the beach, another person wearing flip-flops and another looking like an extra from a Beach Boys video! Why do people do this? At the first sign of the sun, they break out all their stupid summer clothes, even though it's still March! It's still a little cold, there's a chill in the air so don't wear shorts with no tights! You will freeze and you will die... you will end up like this:

and you will die! Just saying, don't say I didn't warn you!
Morale of the story... wait until the weather is actually warm to wear your summer clothes!!
Lottie :) 

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