Noah - Film Review (NO SPOILERS) (19/31)

Director: Darren Aronofsky

So we got this film a few weeks ago and I wasn't all that fussed about watching it (I'm not one for Biblical Epics), plus the film starred Russell Crowe (sos) so that already put it on a bad foot but I was willing to put all that aside in the name of reviewing it...

What a strange little (albeit 2 and a half hour long) film. I mean it's based on the story we all know from Primary School but about half-way through, it suddenly goes dark and very strange. The original story is still there but it kinda becomes more intense and I'm not sure if I liked it or not. The special effects were very good, although there was this one part where it was sort of like a stop-motion and it made my eyes go strange and unfocussed.

But, I just couldn't get over how miss-matched this film seemed to be. There was the traditional story, overlaid by a new, modern twist which suddenly involved angels... I mean my brain was just going "AHHHH!" This new twist was a little confusing, there were elements of the film that didn't seem to fit and weren't explained enough which made me very confused about what direction the film was taking.

Overall, I think this film is worth a 4/10 because it was watch-able but a little confusing and strange.

Oh, and now we are watching this programme called The Ark which is basically another telling of the Noah story... yay

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