I'm a Big Kid! (9/31)

I am a big kid, whether it's obsessing about Harry Potter, or ferociously singing along to a Disney song but you can guarantee I do not act my age!

And I don't see the harm in that! I went to Disneyland Paris a few years ago and I think I was more excited about the parade than the children were! Tigger, Belle and Simba were all there and I felt like I was meeting the Queen or something, it was amazing! And let's not forget all those things we used to love as a kid... I mean I regularly buy Kinder Eggs, or chocolate lollypops because they're nostalgic, I remember my Grandma buying me a Freddo Frog if I was good (although I am majorly annoyed with the fact they are now 20p!)

 Now Disney are making adult merch and it's becoming more and more popular to embrace your childish side, its becoming normal for adults to revert back to a more simple time in their lives! To be honest, who wouldn't? With all the stress of exams, I want nothing more than to revert back to being a child when the only worry was if I was having chicken dippers for tea, or if I would miss the latest episode of TMI on a Saturday morning... I didn't have to worry about voting or exams or university, I was free to focus on the important things in life like being a kid!

And now a video that will destroy your childhood forever... enjoy!

Lottie :)
P.S. I am writing this wearing a pair of Marvel Pyjamas... just saying!

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