Confessions of a secret Tumblr Girl (24/31)

It's nice to have certain goals in life (and no, I'm not talking about the 'where do I want my life to go' goals) I'm talking about those goals you set yourself for feeling better about yourself!

As the weather gets warmer I usually get this sudden urge to change myself and to do loads of fun things (none of these things ever happen, but a girl can dream) the same happens in winter, but I turn into a hermit crab whose only goal in life is to see how many hours a day I can sleep. Now I'm at that point when I start thinking about dying my hair and wearing brighter lipstick and clothes that aren't (shockingly) black! I want to be that girl who does killer squats and press-ups (lol, I'm waay too lazy for that crap!) and I want to go to loads of festivals and eat cool foods... basically in summer I want to be a Tumblr girl! Don't judge me... it just seems better than being stuck at home when it's raining even though it's supposed to be summer!

Lottie :)

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