Gamur gurl? (27/31)

Most of my friends are into gaming, and I am really not (unless you count Just Dance for the Wii then I am a super gamer) so I thought it would be nice to learn to become 'a gamer'!

How wrong was I? I played Minecraft on PS4 and I was worse than a blind rat let me say that! I think I walked backwards and upside down at one point! I mean, I was alright in the day, I could punch things (that sounded waaaay aggressive but that's essentially what I did) but then night time hit and all these things were trying to kill me and it all got a little frantic! I didn't have a house so I got killed pretty quickly (while making squealing noises because I was being attacked) and basically I was left to be eaten by a skeleton (or whatever the heck killed me).

Basically, the morale of the story is that it's more entertaining to watch me play the game than it is for me to play it. Maybe I should make this a thing, like I should jump on the band-wagon and I should start a gaming channel where I play games for the first time and hilarity would ensue! Would anybody watch that? A northern teenager frantically pressing buttons and walking the wrong way? I dunno... But that's a business proposal for when I'm skint anyways! 

Lottie :)

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