Me v.s. The Weather

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I live in England, and you want to know what England is famous for (other than tea and the Queen)... rain!

That's right, rain, Florida gets the nickname 'The Sunshine State' and England gets 'wet, windy and dreary'. So, with that in mind you'd think it was pretty stupid to venture out into rain and wind wearing a skater skirt wouldn't you? No prizes for guessing who that idiot was... yup, for once I decided I would dress like a lady and chose to wear a skirt, not realizing that I would then face an epic battle between nature and fashion (if my clothes can really be called fashion...)

All day I was battling to keep from having a Marilyn Monroe moment:

and to keep a hold of my umbrella which I was in danger of flying off with, like on Mary Poppins:

(side note: my umbrella has a duck handle, so I would literally have looked like Mary Poppins...)

And at one point I was holding a coffee cup... safe to say it was a pretty stressful time of my life! However, I live at the bottom of a hill (thanks parents) and when I rounded the corner of my street I was met with a heavy gust of wind which meant I had to put my umbrella down and walk in the rain... #NOTHAPPY! I am a good person... what have I done to deserve this injustice??

You will be pleased to know that I am now at home, eating Nutella covered strawberries (it's just as delicious as it sounds) and doing work (because even though I am dishevelled, I am still a student who needs to pass her course!) and gradually warming up...
I would once again like to thank the universe for making me live in the rainiest place on Earth and to know that I will be repaying the favour at some point...

Lottie :)

P.S. I have no idea what 'orange version' means but you get the reference... :)

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