Why is printing so tiring?

Judging by the title you will be thinking, 'Lottie, have you gone crazy?', while the answer will always be 'just a little' this time there's a valid reason behind this.

Basically as part of one of my courses at College I had to do two modules of coursework... AT THE SAME TIME and it's just as dire as it sounds. For weeks I've been tap, tap, tapping away at my laptop so much so that one of my keys has actually come loose (it's the 'i' key in case you're wondering which isn't inconvenient at all!) Anyways... I reached the point where I had finished, much to my absolute sheer delight, and had to print off my pieces... All 17 pages of a log book... Twice

But you know when you are printing (yes, I heard how boring I sounded, bear with here) if you're not on the ball your pages just fall to the floor and crumple (like your life) so you have to stay alert and keep one hand under the tray bit... HOW FUN IS THAT FOR A 17 PAGE LOGBOOK AND 4 QUESTIONS?! So thrilling... it should be an Olympic sport... For about half an hour I was sat at my printer, listening to it making funny noises like a dying horse (I think I broke it!) whilst keeping my arm in the same position in order to catch my work... And they say students don't have a social life! In fact, I don't think professional athletes have the dedication I do... I mean you don't see Usain Bolt sitting in the same position for hours on end... noooo that guy is always moving (although, he goes so fast that you can't actually be sure whether he is moving or not...)

Morale of the story: make sure you have enough printing credits at school/college/university so that you can use their fancy pants printer which prints on both sides and has a wonderful tray to catch your work and won't bankrupt you because you may, or may not have used up 75% of the brand-new black ink cartridge...

Lottie :)

P.S. I think I have some sort of 'typer's arm' condition because I literally can't move my left arm... like at all... :/

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