As a dancer, I am forced to wear items with generous sprinklings of glitter on them and I have no problem with this, the glitter helps you 'shine' on stage and makes your costume look a lot less boring, I sometimes go as far as using glitter hairspray to make myself look extra-glittery. But it's when you come to get rid of the glitter that's a problem...

Now, I am convinced that sand, sugar and glitter are not of this Earth and so have developed a way of getting everywhere even when you've been extra careful (especially when you've been extra careful, amirite?) We all know the feeling of returning from the beach and finding sand in places you're sure sand should not be; your hair, your socks, the back pocket of some jeans you didn't even take to the beach! And then you have to spend months and months de-sandifying yourself and clothes until you can return to some sort of normalcy...

The reason I am telling you this is because last May I did a dance show, which involved copious amounts of glitter (although thankfully no sand!) and as part of one of my costumes I had to wear some white frilly socks. Now, I quite liked these socks and have worn them twice after the show (they were washed don't worry, I'm not a scruff!) but I came to put them on today and what did I find? Glitter! That's right, the same blue glitter that was used in my dance show last year! IT'S BEEN A YEAR! How in heck has the glitter managed to remain after being washed and after a year?!? How? Is glitter magical? Does it multiply? I don't know, but I'm pretty sure that if the sun exploded, the only thing remaining of this earth would be glitter and sand... #science!

And that, my fellow readers is why glitter is stronger than Thor

Lottie :) 

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