Tennis players, why you grunt?

So I'm watching Wimbledon and a question has suddenly struck me... why on earth do the players make a crazy noise when they hit the ball?

Now I know there's probably a normal explanation for this like the players feeling like it helps them to hit the ball harder or something... but I am not a 'normal' person and, therefore, I do not seek normal answers to questions like these!

To me it sounds as though they are having some sort of secret conversation via grunts and groans. Maybe they are having a conversation about tennis, or maybe its about what they are having for their tea:
"So... I'm thinking about the fish, what about you?"
"Ooh, I was thinking the chicken looks pretty nice myself!"
Do they learn this secret language at tennis club? Does it have accents? WHY DO THEY GRUNT SO MUCH WHEN THEY HIT THE BALL?! It's a little off-putting to be honest! Here I am, trying to watch a civilized game of tennis and there they are, screaming and grunting at each other... can you not!

Any tennis players out there... what is the meaning of all this grunting? Is it a secret language or is it something boring to do with science?

Lottie :)

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