Vegetarian Pasta Bake - Student Cookbook

Ok, so since students are notorious for being skint, I thought I would post a recipe for good quality food that can be maintained on a student budget. Feel free to modify these recipes according to personal taste but here is the recipe for Vegetarian Pasta Bake...


As you know I moved to university last week, I've had so much fun with my freshers experience but I did struggle with homesickness during the first few days. Since this is my first real taste of independence, and since I am close with my family, I found that not living at home was difficult for me.

University Life... Day one

Hey Guys,
Long time no speak, and there's a good reason for that... I moved into my university halls today and have been busy unpacking and meeting my lovely roommates...

I'm going on a Foodventure!!

Since I have finished my A Levels, and have had no routine to my daily life, I have noticed that I have been feeling quite sluggish and lethargic lately. After doing some research and watching a few videos about people changing their daily routines for a month I have decided to apply a change to my life and my diet.