Blogmas Day Eight - Uni Xmas Eve...

Ok, I know what you're thinking; 'CHARLOTTE, IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS EVE YET!' I know, I know, I'm not that eager. But there is an explanation...

Since we are (obviously) not at university for Christmas Day itself, we decided to have a pre-Christmas by doing secret Santa and going for a Christmas meal. This, effectively will be our university Christmas Day, making this our Christmas Eve!! 

I am sooo excited for tomorrow! Our little Christmas tree looks so cute with all the presents underneath it and our flat is starting to look and feel so much more Christmassy than it did before. I'm sat listening to our Xmas God that is Michael Buble and I'm slowly getting more and more excited so much so that it actually feels like Christmas Eve - I mean there's presents! 

 photo 8cc3c5da-bb9d-4f6e-a958-214c79fcc8bb_zps2d899653.png  photo 8a53bf3b-e055-4bab-be06-30559d3f8d54_zps8c5f80d5.png  photo fbbbf2f7-086c-413b-9989-0edfa5e4b3ec_zps30839ce2.png

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