Blogmas Day Nine - Uni Christmas Day!!

So the day has finally arrived... it's my University Christmas Day, it's been amazing! It actually felt like Christmas which was pretty cool, although now I'm more excited for the real Christmas day if that's even possible... 

They know me so well...
In the morning we exchanged 'secret' Santa presents. I say 'secret' because only 3 of us were doing it and it doesn't take a genius to figure out who got who (whom?). I have to say though, to say we have been living together for 3 months, my flatmates know me so well and got me Harry Potter merch (10 points to Gryffindor!) I was so happy, I can't wait to start the colouring book, but I'm not looking forward to getting the vomit flavour Bertie Botts... thanks J.K!

We then went to Toby Carvery where I stuffed myself silly with Turkey and Yorkshire Puddings and poured a waterfall of gravy over my food (Northerners you know what I mean) it was sooo yummy! After that though I was too full to move so we decided to go Christmas shopping to ease the strain on our stomachs. This actually proved to be a good idea as I got quite a lot of my Christmas shopping done as I hadn't done any (bad, I know!) Wrapping the presents took ages though, I forgot how long it takes to individually wrap everything, I'm so glad I only have to do it once a year otherwise I would be looking like Quasimodo with the amount of crouching over I would have to do! 
Since, it's our Christmas, we decided not to do any work today. So here I am, snuggled in my cheesy Christmas jumper, drinking tea and about to watch Christmas movies. I couldn't think of a better way to end the day. 
Harry Potter PJ's & Christmas Jumper...

Merry (uni) Christmas

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