Blogmas Day Five - Christmas Market

Lincoln is famous for one thing at this time of year, and it's not the Steep Hill, it's the Christmas Market. I'd heard stories about it, even before I arrived here and finally got the opportunity to go with my family, and it didn't disappoint!

First let me say, it was huge! I went earlier in the week with my flatmates, and we only had the chance to look around briefly, but today (in the light of day) we found out the true extent of the market and I was shocked. There were stalls everywhere, selling things I'd never heard of and all the time Christmas songs were playing in the background which made it even more festive! 

The smells coming from the food stalls made my stomach rumble, even though I'd just eaten a Lincolnshire sausage hotdog (which was yummy by the way) - there were hotdogs, pancakes, curry and not forgetting the hog roast which actually made my mouth water because it smelt soooo good!  

All in all, I had a pretty festive day, it was lovely to see all the stalls and get in a real festive mood, even if it was freezing! 

Some photos from the market:

 photo 8cc3c5da-bb9d-4f6e-a958-214c79fcc8bb_zps2d899653.png  photo 8a53bf3b-e055-4bab-be06-30559d3f8d54_zps8c5f80d5.png  photo fbbbf2f7-086c-413b-9989-0edfa5e4b3ec_zps30839ce2.png

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