Blogmas Day Six - Skyping Home and Decorating the Tree

Since I am at university until mid-late December, I won't be at home for the annual tree decorating we have at home. I was pretty miffed about this because this is one of my favourite parts of Christmas and I wouldn't be there to help, until my dad came up with an ingenious solution...

Not bad to say I was on the other side of a computer screen
My dad suggested that we Skype so that I can be 'present' while they were putting up the tree and the decorations. It was so strange to watch, I felt like I was watching a live recording of a home movie but it was so much fun. Here I was, at uni, eating my tea and there they were putting up the Christmas tree and trying to understand my remarks about where the baubles should go. All in all I would say it went pretty well, considering the Wi-Fi here is a bit temperamental and decided to pixelate half-way through. But this way, I could partake in our family's little tradition while I was at uni.

 photo 8cc3c5da-bb9d-4f6e-a958-214c79fcc8bb_zps2d899653.png  photo 8a53bf3b-e055-4bab-be06-30559d3f8d54_zps8c5f80d5.png  photo fbbbf2f7-086c-413b-9989-0edfa5e4b3ec_zps30839ce2.png

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