Bank Holiday Whitby Trip

It's bank holiday, which can only mean one thing - the seaside. It's somewhat of a tradition within my family to rush to the seaside as soon as the weather shows any sign of warming up, and since we have had a couple days of nice weather, me and mum decided now was the time to get the first seaside trip of the year off to a start. 

It was freezing. 

Known as the place that inspired Bram Stoker's, Dracula, Whitby isn't known for its sunny weather, rather for its rolling mist and ominous cliffs but it was absolutely freezing. We went up to the ruined Abbey where we were jostled about by the wind, so much so that I had to put my winter mittens on... it's May! I couldn't believe that 3 days ago I was walking around in a crop top and ballet pumps and now I was wearing fluffy socks and mittens. 

But enough about the weather. After attempting to read Dracula for uni (I say attempted because I never actually finished it...) we decided to find the famous bench where Stoker developed the idea of Dracula, and also to visit the Dracula Experience, something I had never done before. It took us ages to find the bench but we eventually did, where we saw the entirety of Whitby stretching out before us, so it was definitely easy to see how Stoker was inspired. We then did the Dracula Experience which is where you can walk through pivotal moments of the novel, but in true Whitby style. If you aren't sure what that means, Whitby is essentially Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas; every day is Halloween and there are cobwebs and 'skeletons' in almost every shop, it's brilliant! 

Of course we had the obligatory fish n' chips because we were at the seaside, and its the 'law'! And in true British style, despite the freezing weather we braved a walk on the beach, because no trip to the coast would be complete without getting sand in your shoe! 

Hope you all had a great bank holiday!

Lottie :)

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