Perfectly Peachy Park Picnic

Since the weather here has been so nice for the past few days, myself and my flatmates took a trip to Lincoln Arboretum and had a lovely little summer picnic to celebrate the term coming to an end.

So this is my outfit (OOTD if you will...) and I opted for my dungarees which I love, they're so comfortable and I paired them with this mandala elephant t-shirt I picked up from Primark last summer. I felt super summery all day and it was nice not to have to wear jeans or a jacket.

We bought a load of food from Morrisons like sandwiches, mini pizza bites, cheese and onion rolls, cookies and sweet and salty popcorn (literally the best type of popcorn)  and just sat in the arboretum for a few hours in the sun which was such a chill way to spend the day. After all the stress of my essays and exam, it was nice to relax without the knowledge that when I got back to the flat there'd be more work waiting for me. Also, we discovered the arboretum and I have to say, it is such a lovely park in the middle of Lincoln; there's a pond, a mini maze and plenty of space to spread out and have a picnic.

We also caved and went shopping afterwards (whoops) where I bought a lovely body-suit from Miss Selfridge and a gorgeous vintage dress from New Look. I have been wanting a body-suit for ages but never found one I liked until I saw this in House of Fraser and had to have it, it's so comfortable too! This dress is one of the most beautiful things I have! I love vintage clothes and items so this was right down my street, I know it will become one of my favourites so look out for it!

Some photos from today:

Lottie :)

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